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Personal Web Space

1. First decide how you want to access your web space. You can simply type into your favorite web browser, and once you type in your username (your email address without after it) and password you can simply "Drag and drop" your files to where you want them. Or you can use an actual FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program such as Filezilla in which case just enter as the server and your username and password.

2. Finally, the address to get to your web page(s) will be (replace "username" with whatever your username is) remember that if you want a certain web page (for example: you want to set-up a "home page") to be displayed when you type in you'll need to name it index.html Otherwise you'll have to give it a different name such as: home.html in which case the address would be

3. Perhaps you're a novice but are willing to learn, Webmonkey has a pretty good free tutorial click Here

Or if writing a web page the old fashioned way isn't for you, maybe give a web-authoring program a try such as NVU (pronounced N-view)


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